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Arrival of Monteal mayor Jean Drapeau with his delegation, meeting with China''s Vice-Minister of Electricity and some business people in a restaurant in Beijing. EXT ENS PM Pierre Bourque and the Montreal delegation walk by a restaurant. PM Pierre Bourque and the delegation enter the inner courtyard of the restaurant (a hostess dressed in a traditional costume guides them). PM Pierre Bourque goes up the stairs leading to the restaurant and enters, he is followed by the other members of the Montreal delegation. DIV Exchanges of business card between Mayor Bourque and members of the Montreal delegation and Chinese business men. DIV Pierre Bourque talks with business men in the entrance of the restaurant. INT PM Pierre Bourque and Vice Minister of Electricity sit at a table. PM Two businessmen exchange cards, PAN of the business people sitting at the table around Pierre Bourque. PM The waitress (in traditional costume) holds a tray and serves drinks. DIV Pierre Bourque discusses with Vice Minister of Electricity. Keywords: CHINA,BUSINESS PERSONS,BEIJING


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