STK-ID 59091

Blazing fire ravages 5 commercial and residential buildings on Ontario Street East, in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district, in Montreal. Firefighters battle the blaze. EXT WIN NIGHT Firefighters at work on Ontario Street East. MS Fire truck in front of a burning building PAN building engulfed in flames, sparks and smoke (fire eating through the roof). MS Fire truck ladder moved towards the building. MS Fire truck with lights and firefighters at work PAN Building on fire. CU Roof blazing ZOOM OUT Building on fire, sparks on electrical wire. Building on fire, firefighter climbs down from truck and puts on his equipment. MS Firefighter climbs a ladder and approaches the smoke, he joins another firefighter and gives him straps. MS Fire truck surrounded by firefighters at work. Ontario street is filled with firefighters, police, two fire trucks with ladders near the burning building, thick black smoke on the roof, PAN. MS Fire truck very close to the burning building, smoke and flames behind the truck, firefighters at work. Keywords: FIRE TRUCK,FIRE,MONTREAL (CITY),FIREFIGHTER,HOCHELAGA-MAISONNEUVE DISTRICT


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