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Special on the arrival of Pesident de Gaulle to Montreal, including his speech from the balcony of City Hall. Identification of Radio-Canada: colour butterfly. At the beginning of the broadcast " Charles de Gaulle presidential visit ". Vauquelin square and city hall. Crowd in front of the city hall. Procession arrives. Charles de Gaulle and Daniel Johnson (father) are welcomed by Jean Drapeau on the stairs of City Hall. National anthems: Marseillaise, then the O Canada. Canadian flag. Guests enter City Hall. de Gaulle and Crapeau walk together in City Hall. The crowd calls for De Gaulle. De Gaulle on the balcony, waves for a long time. SPEECH Charles de Gaulle, on the balcony of the Montreal City Hall " Vive le Québec libre ". Crowd reacts. De Gaulle and Drapeau arrive on the terrace behind City Hall: presence of the couples De Gaulle, Drapeau, Lucien Saulnier, Daniel Johnson (father), Maurice Couve de Murville, Cardinal Léger. Speech by Jean Drapeau, on the terrace. De Gaulle listens. Speech by Charles de Gaulle, on the terrace. M and Mrs de Gaulle sign the golden book. De Gaulle shakes hands with the guests, one of which is Pierre Dupuy. Terrace and PAN City Hall and Vauquelin Square. Keywords: CITY HALL,MONTREAL (CITY),INDEPENDENCE,VISIT


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