STK-ID 59127

Reportage - Coming to office of the general Charles de Gaulle. His complete speech during his visit to Algeria. Starting broadcast of L''actualité. Announcer Jean Ducharme. Charles de Gaulle walks surrounded after his appointment as Prime Minister?. French Police run in the streets of Paris, enter a house, strike a man. Pamphlet " No to the nomination of General de Gaulle ". National Assembly, Charles de Gaulle becomes Prime Minister. Arrival of different De Gaulle ministers, including Félix Houphouet Boigny. Algiers. Arrival of Charles de Gaulle in Algeria, welcomed by the soldiers. Automobile procession of the General de Gaulle in Algiers. Crowd, rain of confetti in the streets of Algiers. General de Gaulle greets the crowd from his car, crowd on the sides of the road. Charles de Gaulle walks. Crowd gathered to hear the general. Speech by Charles de Gaulle on the stand PS "I know what took place here in Algeria, there are only Frenchmen with the same rights and the same obligations". PS " It is necessary to insure a homeland to those who could doubt they have one" then Charles de Gaulle pays tribute to the army. Crowd listens. End of the speech " Long live the Republic Long live France ", PAN towards crowd. General leaves in his car. Crowd signs "La Marseillaise". Keywords: ALGERIA,CROWD,NATIONAL ANTHEM


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