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On the occasion of the visit of Premier of Quebec Lucien Bouchard, a reminder with archives of previous visits of French heads of state in Québec and Quebec politicians in France. The French government has always kept distant from the possible recognition of the sovereignty of Quebec. Video 1977: René Lévesque''s trip to France a report by Gilles Liboiron, Paris. Visual February 1994: Daniel Johnson''s visit to France. Statement by Robert Bourassa in France on the establishment of a common objective between France and Quebec. Declaration 1997: From Lucien Bouchard, on the remarks made by President Jacques Chirac on the future of Quebec. Video 1967: General Charles De Gaulle''s trip to Quebec. Declaration 1979: Raymond Barre in Québec on the future of relations between Quebec and France. Declaration of Laurent Fabius on an eventual sovereignty in Quebec. Declaration 1995: Jacques Chirac on Quebec independence. Declaration 1997: Lionel Jospin, French Prime Minister, on the independence of Quebec. Keywords: EXTERNAL AFFAIRS,FRANCE,BOUCHARD GOVERNMENT,HISTORY,QUEBEC ,INDEPENDENCE,VISIT


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