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In the Gulf of Mexico, the authorities continue to get ready for the arrival of the oil slick. Jean-François Bélanger visited an animal sanctuary in Grand Isle, in the southwest of New Orleans. Map situating New Orleans and the Grand Isle animal sanctuary. Jean-François Bélanger''s report. A bird searches in the sand near the small waves in Grand Isle park. A fish jumps out of the water of the Gulf of Mexico in Grand Isle park. The landscape of the beach in Grand Isle animal sanctuary in Louisiana. A large white bird in the middle of a pond. Birds flying over the Gulf of Mexico. The swampy landscape in the Grand Isle animal sanctuary in Louisiana. Two white birds walk on the rocks. A bird dives into the water to catch a prey. Leanne Sarco and a man observe birds with binoculars. Birds fly over yellow floating barriers. PA Leanne Sarco Leanne Sarco Waves pass over the floating barriers. A brown and white bird walks on a concrete block. A brown pelican in a rescue pond. Two women take care of and clean a plastic duck in a pond. The inscription "Clean Gulf Associates Mobile Unit". Wooden pens. Persons discussing near the wooden pens. Jay Holcomb. Jean-François Bélanger near the swamps of Grand Isle. Keywords: ECOLOGICAL ACCIDENT,OIL SPILL,UNITED STATES,GULF OF MEXICO,LOUISIANA,BIRD,NATIONAL PARK,DRILLING RIG


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Gulf of Mexico, New Orleans
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