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Mysore in southern India, its market with full stalls. Its famous palace. Also, the many prostitutes that walk the streets of the city at night Streets pf Mysore, in India, traffic, intersection, motorcars, motorcycle, pedestrians. East Indians in the street. Market of Mysore, people with their makeshift stalls. Beautiful faces of East Indians in the street. Women who carry baskets of fruits on their heads. Kiosk, tubs of tincture powder (henna?), red, green, yellow, etc., customers buying. Public market, stalls, vendors selling vegetables, flowers, etc. Numerous customers at the market of Mysore. Stand-Up Céline Galipeau in the middle of the public market (several occasions). Palace of Mysore, numerous visitors on the site. Keywords: CULTURAL GOODS,TRAFFIC,WOMAN,INDIA,PUBLIC MARKET,MYSORE,PEDESTRIAN,PROSTITUTION,STREET


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