STK-ID 59171

Street scenes in El Vigia, Venezuela: houses, motor traffic, pedestrians and small businesses. Posters of the referendum in the city. Venezuelans'' demonstration in favour of the referendum on the Venezuelan constitution proposed by Hugo Chavez. Context: the referendum on the reform of the political institutions and the constitution could inscrease Hugo Chavez''s powers, which raises controversy and the anxiety of his opponents. Panoramic view of El Vigia, Venezuela. El Vigia. Slowly moving traffic in a street of El Vigia, TILT UP PM El Vigia. Smokestack bearing the inscription "Parmalat ", the inscription "Indulac " on the adjacent factory. Motorcars on an artery of El Vigia, fluid traffic. Light fog in the mountains, TILT DOWN PM apartment building. Dense vegetation around the city, the shanties. A traffic policeman talks with a young man on the street. Street scenes in Venezuela: pedestrians, storekeepers and small businesses. Meat counter in a butcher shop, a lady waits to be served. A young man ties up a plasti bag containing cuts of meat. Employees of the butcher shop serving the lady. New motorcars (some SUVs) circulate in a narrow street. Shoes in a shop window, CU on the price of shoes indicated on labels. Peddlers''s stalls. Front of a backpack and suitcase shop. Posters of the referendum on the constitution on the pillars of a balcony. Customers in a shoe store. Keywords: TRAFFIC,STORE,CONSTITUTION,DEMONSTRATION,PEDESTRIAN,REFERENDUM,VENEZUELA


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