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Venezuela is divided on the question of consitutional reform and will decide Sunday by referendum. Graffiti on a wall "Ahora si socialismo" (Socialism Now). The symbol of the hammer and the sickle. Pedestrians. Parked taxi and graffiti. Motor traffic in a street of Mérida. Graffiti "Yes" on a wall. Posters "No" stuck on the wall. Pedestrians, street scenes. Posters "No". Church with graffiti above. City of Mérida. Landscape, mountains. Apartment buildings. Dome of the cathedral of Mérida, PAN Apartment buildings. City at the foot of the mountains. Houses with red roofs. Apartment buildings. Houses in the mountains. Mérida. Motor traffic on a bridge. Motor traffic in the city of Merida. Low houses. Venezuelans distribute documents on the reform of the Constitution. Pedestrians. Building of the University of Los Andes (Universidad de Los Andes). Pedestrians in a shopping mall. Office of the supporters of "Yes" with Hugo Chavez''s banner. Man (supporter of Chavez) fills his automobile with documents on the reform of the Constitution. Banner " Rumbo al Socialismo ". Image of Hugo CHavez on a banner. Slogan " Chavez Victoria of Venezuela ". Keywords: CONSTITUTION,HOUSE,LANDSCAPE,REFERENDUM,SOCIALISM,VENEZUELA


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