STK-ID 59175

Hotels and traffic in Siem Reap, a city near Angkor in Cambodia. Hotels in construction. Many tourists visit the temples of Angkor Wat. Architectural details and bas relief. Signs of deterioration of the temples. Hotels of Siem Reap (some of which are in construction) with signs (Banteay Srey Hotel, Apsara Holiday Hotel, Monoreach Hotel). Facade of a hotel in construction with wooden scaffolds. Three workers standing around doing nothing next to a sheet metal fence. Cement mixer among motorcycles driving on the road, PG hotel in construction. Two Cambodian flags floating in the wind in front of the facade of a hotel made of glass. Cyclists and motorcyclists facing the camera. Parked rickshaw , hotel. Apsara Angkor and City Angkor Hotels (with sign and sculptures). Keywords: ASIA,CULTURAL GOODS,CAMBODIA,TRAFFIC,CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION,CONSTRUCTION,HOTEL TRADE,TOURISM


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