STK-ID 59183

Street scenes and general images of the buildings of Bombay (Mumbai) and the ledge of the city on the edge of Indian Ocean Construction site in Mumbai (Bombay). Mumbai''s skyscrapers. Traffic, traffic jam, dense traffic in Bombay. Buildins of Bombay with stream in the foreground. Panoramic view, PAM Mumbai (Bombay) with body of water (Indian Ocean?) in the foreground. Edge of the water, the bank, the inhabitants (women, men)in the stairs near the water. Man who bathes on the edge. Small group of young Indians in the stairs on the edge of the water. Indian woman. Bay of Bombay ( Mumbai), buildings far off. Ledge of Bombay, walkers. Sunset, orangy ball in the sky. Statue of Gandhi (Mahatma) in a park of Bombay. Keywords: ARCHITECTURE,BOMBAY,TRAFFIC JAM,TRAFFIC,WATER,WOMAN,OFFICE BUILDING,INDIA,SUN,STATUE


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