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Beautiful images of the city of Istanbul in Turkey. Lasalle College (Lasalle International Academy) situated in the Nisantasi district of Istanbul, the most expensive district of Turkey. Street scenes and shops selling luxury goods in Nisantasi, the most expensive district of Turkey. Building where are situated the classrooms of Lasalle College in Istanbul. Building sheltering the classrooms of the School Lasalle, Burger King restaurant and small signboard of Lasalle College (Lasalle International Academy). A street of the district Nisantasi of Istanbul, small signboard of the Lasalle International Academy. "Lasalle International Academy" on a signboard. Signboard of the Lasalle International Academy. Street of the district Nisantasi where is situated Lasalle College. Istanbul students cross a street of the Nisantasi district. (In Turkish) Students who attend the private schools of the Nisantasi district. Keywords: ISTANBUL,TURK,TURKEY


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