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The mosques of Istanbul: the basilica-mosque-museum Hagia Sophia, the blue mosque, the Ortakoy mosque and the New mosque. The Independence Monument in Taksim Square. The pedestrian avenue Istiklal Caddesi and the streetcar of theBeyoglu district. Fishermen on the Galata bridge. Dome and minarets of a mosque, the Bosphorus strait. The Bosphorus strait , the Topkapi palace and the Hagia Sophia museum (which was a church then a mosque). The basilica-mosque-museum Saint-Sophia (so called Saint-Wisdom or Hagia Sophia) and the blue mosque. Shuttle boats on the Bosphorus. The minarets of a mosque, the Bosphorus and the basilica Saint-wisdom (Hagia Sophia museum or Saint-Sophia). The blue mosque of Istanbul (or mosque Sultan Ahmed). The mosque Hagia Sophia. The Galata tower in Istanbul. The Ortakoy mosque and the Bosphorus bridge. The dome of the Ortakoy mosque. Stambouliotes go fishing on the banks of the Bosphorus. The bridge that crosses the Bosphorus. Bridge and flag of Turkey at the top of a mast. Bosphorus Bridge. The Monument of Independence on the Taksim Square. The Monument of Independence. Stambouliotes on the pedestrian avenue Istiklal Caddesi. A doner kepab grill room (where are prepared grilled meat sandwiches or the meat roasted on a spit). A cook prepares a doner kepab (or kebab). A cook cuts, with a large knife, some meat on a spit (doner grill). The famous streetcar of the Beyoglu district. Crowd of pedestrians on the avenue of the Liberation (Istiklal Caddesi). Fishermen on the Galata bridge. Two vessels on the Bosphorus, Hagia Sophia mosque on the coast ( magnificent luminosity). The Besiktas fish market. Fishermen on the Galata bridge and the New mosque (or Yeni Valide Camii mosque). The New mosque (or mosque of the Mother sultana) situated on the south bank of the Golden Horn. The fishing rods of Stambouliotes on the Galata bridge. Several fishermen on the Galata bridge. Vessels on the Bosphorus. Keywords: ISTANBUL,MOSQUE,PEDESTRIAN,TURK,TURKEY


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