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General footage of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills (California, US). Building of porn magazine Hustler. Panoramic view of fun park Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. Americans walking around, cycling or roller-blading on the bicycle path of a California beach. Holiday-makers on the beach. Several gulls fly over the beach. Pedestrians, bathers and fisherman on a beach of Los Angeles. Two young ladies in bikini resting on the beach. Sunset over the sea and over the deserted beach. Waves. Big wheel and arena on the pier of a beach of Los Angeles. A father and his son enjoy digging a hole in the sand. A father and his child (seen from the back) look at the sea. Nokia Theater of Los Angeles. Road traffic TILT UP studio of the porn production company, Vivid Entertainment Group. The offices of film studio, Vivid Entertainment Group. The famous "Beverly Hills" sign, traffic. The famous Beverly Hills district sign. Sign "Beverly Hills". A Rolls-Royce automobile (luxury car). A residential street in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Radiotor grill and logo of a Mercedes-Benz (luxury car). Mercendes-Benz logo on the radiator grill of a car. Motor traffic to Berverly Hills, Los Angeles. Facade of the head office of the pornographic magazine Hustler and the revolving globe. - revolving globe "For the Rest of the World". Front of Hustler magazine building and its revolving globe. Hand prints of celebrities of the pornographic cinema industry on the pavement in front of the Hustle building (printed by Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy, Larry Flint, Nina Hartley, Paul Thomas). Flag of the United States TILT DOWN "Hustler" sign. Keywords: CAR,BEVERLY HILLS,CALIFORNIA,FLAG,UNITED STATES,HOLLYWOOD,INDUSTRY,LOS ANGELES,MERCEDES BENZ,BEACH,PORN,MAGAZINE,ROLLS ROYCE,HEAD OFFICE,ACRONYM AND LOGO,SUN


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