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Operation by laparoscopy on a patient suffering from morbid obesity, surgical operation during which the doctor Nicolas Christou of the Royal Victoria Hospital of Montreal practises a reduction of the bowel, which goes from 10 to 3 metres, then a reduction of the stomach, the volume of which is reduced to 1,5 by 7 centimeters. A medical team gets ready for the bariatric surgery, the patient is lying on a table, a doctor coats her belly with a solution. Belly of the patient on the operating table, coated with a reddish substance. Two employees help the surgeon, seen from the rear, to put on an apron and gloves (we do not see very well). Hands which place tissues around the belly of the patient, so as to uncover only this part of her body, ZOOM OUT (we do not see the face again until the end of the operation). Medical team prepare the instruments which are going to be used for the operation, arranged on a small table near the patient (the surgeon stands over her). Hands of the surgeon Nicolas Christou who plants a sort of pierced nozzle in the middle of the belly of the patient, then he slides an instrument in the form of long tube in the hole (afterward we see that there are two similar holes) (laparoscopy). Team and surgeon at work, ZOOM Television screen on which we see the inside of the belly of the patient. Surgeon and his team performing the surgery, several shots of the screen on which we see the inside of the belly of the patient and the instruments manipulated by the operating surgeon, the lights of the operating room are switched off. With his instruments (two sorts of clamps), the surgeon pulls a long bowel from the cavity. Keywords: SURGERY,MONTREAL (CITY),OBESITY


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