STK-ID 59275

Joffre Bridge over St-François river in Sherbrooke. The Saint François river that crosses Sherbrooke ZOOM out Joffre bridge. Joffre bridge seen from the grass below (following a moving car). Saint François River ZOOM OUT TILT UP PM metal beam and fence of Joffre bridge . Joffre Bridge with pillars in the river (shrub in the foreground) bridge (vice versa). Joffre Bridge with fluid traffic (the camera is placed by the traffic lanex). Asphalt of the bridge ZOOM OUT PG BRIDGE JOFFRE armature built with composite materials). Saint François River PAN ZOOM OUT PM Joffre Bridge (seen from the other extremity). Shrub and pillar of the bridge TILT UP PM Joffre bridge with traffic (fence in the foreground). Church of Sherbrooke behind trees ZOOM OUT PM BRIDGE JOFFRE with a passing cyclist. Keywords: TRAFFIC,EASTERN TOWNSHIPS,BRIDGE,QUEBEC ,ST-FRANCOIS RIVER,SHERBROOKE,SHERBROOKE UNIVERSITY


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