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From the ordinary citizen to the Head of State via the prime minister, it is a day that many people will not soon forget. Ottawa welcomed the American president, unquestionably the politician of the hour on the planet. A visit that went like clockwork, but has also led to some surprises, Barack Obama has even stopped at a market in the capital. In all, he spent several hours here, most of them with Prime Minister Harper and what emerges is the change of tone in relations between Canada and the United States. Barack Obama deplanes. He walks alongside the Governor General. Barack Obama talking to Michaëlle Jean. Barack Obama and Stephen Harper on the stairs inside the parliament. Barack Obama alongside Stephen Harper. Stephen Harper: "It is a relationship of allies, partners, neighbors and very close friends. A relationship based on common values¿¿, freedom, democracy and equality of opportunity, the values ¿¿personified by the president himself. " Barack Obama: "I love this country ... The United States IS ready to lead once again." Barack Obama and Stephen Harper face to face across a table. Barack Obama: "I provided PM Harper an assurance that I want to grow trade and not contracted." Stephen Harper: "We also want a secure border with the U.S." (in English). Canadian troops leaving for Afghanistan. Barack Obama: "I certainly did not press the Prime Minister on any additional commitments ..." Barack Obama alongside Stephen Harper. Emmanuelle Latraverse. Keywords: CANADA,UNITED STATES,GOVERNMENT,VISIT


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