STK-ID 59311

Apartment buildings and houses demolished in whole or in part in a district of Chechnya in ruins. A car moves forward on a muddy road in Chechnya, two apartment buildings in ruins, a second car takes the dirt road. Chechen residents seen through the window of their apartment in ruins. Residents seenw through the window of their apartment building in ruins TILT UP the roof and upper floors of the building were completely demolished by bombs. A Chechen woman and her young son on the balcony of their home. The boy closes the doors of the terrace of his apartment. Apartment buildings were badly damaged during the second Chechen war of independence. Damage to an apartment building by mortar fire. Cars pass in front of an apartment building in ruins, a second building in ruins. A car driving on a flooded dirt road into a residential area. Homes completely destroyed. Apartments occupied by Chechens even though the building in which they live has been severely damaged by mortar fire. Keywords: ARMY ,DAMAGES OF WAR,WAR,RUSSIA,CHECHNYA


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