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South and north towers of the World Trade Center in New York collapse after planes piloted by Moslem extremists crashed into them. Reactions of New York citizens, witnesses on the scene. People in the street who look at the far off towers, ambulance. Collapse of the 1st tower, PS Claude Deschenes in incredulous, people all around who cry out with despair. Smoke coming out of the second tower, people in the street who look and comment. Collapse of the second tower, the immense cloud of smoke and dust, we hear people shouting and Claude Deschenes who is dumbfounded. People in the street who walk, others who embrace each other, police car with revolving lights. An F-18 plane patrols the sky over New York. Keywords: SEPTEMBER 11 ATTACKS,UNITED STATES,NEW YORK (CITY),TERRORISM,AERIAL TERRORISM,WORLD TRADE CENTER


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