STK-ID 59353

It is impossible to film in the streets of Kigali without risking your life. Jean-Jacques Simon, from the roof of the hospital, aims his camera at the street where Rwandans flee by the hundreds the city of Kigali. These images are extremely disturbing because one cannot but wonder if these women, men, children and old men managed to escape the massacre and the hell. Men, women and children carrying matresses or belongings on their heads. Two soldiers in the street. A stream of Rwandans flee Kigali, militia in the background. Men carrying machetes walk in the street. People escaping through the forest. Districts of Kigali. Seen from the hill, a panoramic view of Kigali. Red Cross trucks, acronym and logo on the trucks. Red Cross jeep backs up and stops, a badly wounded persons descend from the vehicle. The team comes to the aid of another wounded person lying in the jeep, he is placed on a stretcher. Keywords: AFRICA,CHILD,FAMILY,WOMAN,GENOCIDE,OLD PERSON,REGUFEE,RWANDA


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