STK-ID 59355

Emergency rescue team and dogs looking for survivors in a residential neighbourhood of Gulfport, Mississippi, devasted by huricane Katrina on August 29, 2005. Two men wearing helmuts, masks and headlights search the debris. Signs drawn with red spray paint on the wall of a house. A rescue team member seen through a door in a wall. We follow a man wearing a helmut, mask, headlight and a belt with many accessories, he stops near the trunk of a golf cart and removes his gloves. In front of the golf cart, an employee takes water from a cooler. Two broken windows of a house PAN destroyed property. Several members of the emergency team, a handler and his dog pass behind the group. A man from the team writes and draws a cross on the wall of a house with red spray paint. Rescue team members walking through the debris. Dogs search through the ruins. Men from the rescue team wearing masks search the ruins of a destroyed house. Men from the rescue team standing in the street; inside of destroyed house, there are no more walls. Handler and his dog search the inside of house, we see them through a door. Destroyed houses and properties. Dog searches the ruins with his handler. Men from the rescue team walk through the ruins of a house. Rescue team member''s face, wearing a security helmut and sunglasses, we clearly see a destroyed house reflected on this lenses. Handlers and their dogs walking in the street, followed by the rescue team. House destroyed by the hurricane, broken windows, graffiti on the walls, a torn US flag in the front of the house. Keywords: POLICE DOG,GARBAGE,FLAG,UNITED STATES,HOUSE,EMERGENCY MEASURES,MISSISSIPPI (STATE),HURRICANE,EMERGENCY SERVICES


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Mississippi (State)
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