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Death toll of the earthquake that hit Los Angeles yesterday is at 34 and more than 7 billion dollars in damages. The main highway of the region needs to be rebuilt and will open in a year. A family from Los Angeles remove what can be saved from their house. Damages in the house, a woman gives her account. Cracks and damages on a building. A destroyed building where half the victims died. Corpses are removed from the ruins of the building. Suspended parking garage, destroyed department store, ruins. Residents of destroyed houses search for their belongings. Residents of small apartment buildings pack their bags, move. Residents of damaged houses camp outside, near their homes. People strike for water. People gathering in collective shelters, others sleep outside. A National Guard watches for curfew. Daytime, traffic. Santa-Monica Highway in broken segments, beyond repair, demolition starts. Traffic on a highway. Keywords: HIGHWAY,CALIFORNIA,TRAFFIC,UNITED STATES,LOS ANGELES,EARTHQUAKE


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