STK-ID 59396

Thousands of gannets on Bonaventure Island shore. Two head of gannets that rub their beaks and emit an alarm call. Gannets, beaks open, vying for territory. Many gannets on the ground (full screen). Some gannets clustered (body and head only), water in the background. Thousands of gannets gathered on a plateau overlooking the river. Some birds emit an alarm call. Eye and beak of a gannet. Head of a gannet. Percé Rock seen at an angle, distant mountains, trees and bushes in the foreground (various shots). Meandering river skirting the mountains in the Matapédia Valley (angles and various shots). Meandering river at the foot of the mountains covered with fog. Wooded banks along the River. River and mountains covered with forest. Forest in the valley (full screen). Field of white flowers (full screen). Field of flowers and trees. River and wooded banks. Sunset on the river behind the clouds, red sky (angles and various shots). Marshes on the North Shore. Orange wildflowers. Field of daisies by the river, waterfall and forest in background. Wild daisies (full screen). Small waterfall flowing over a rock. Bee on a daisy. Meandering river and mountains in Grandes-Bergeronnes (angles and various shots). Keywords: WATER,FLOWER,FOREST,MOUNTAIN,BIRD


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Digital Betacam
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