STK-ID 59398

Autumn landscapes, mountains, colorful leaves, red maple, river, canyon. Shooting location: Mont-Tremblant, Baie Saint-Paul, Petite Riviere Saint Francois, Canyon of Mont Sainte-Anne. River at the foot of multicolored mountains (shadows on the mountain during cloudy periods). Panoramic view, mountain range (green and orange) extending to the horizon, a river deep in the mountains (various shots). Coniferous forest and trees with yellow foliage, overhead view (full screen). Mountain, sky gray on the horizon. Ocher-colored mountains to the horizon, cable car in the foreground. Undulating green and ocher hills (full screen). Endless mountains, fir tree against the light in the foreground. River deep in the multicolored mountains . Mountain, cloudy sky on the horizon, shadows left by the passing clouds (angles and various shots). Spruce and out of focus mountains in background. Mountain range to the horizon, sky dotted with white and gray clouds, passing clouds. Dense forest with colorful foliage, overhead view (full screen). River lined with trees (angles and various shots). Red and green foliage. Mountainsides with colorful foliage. Red maple leaves and small green and yellow leaves (change of focus, full screen). Grassy point of land jutting out into the river at the foot of a mountain. Branch of maple bright red leaves against soft green background (out of focus). Cascade, river surrounded by forest, sky veryo blue (angles and various shots). Rocks in the foreground, river at the bottom of a canyon bordered by forest, mist rising from a fall that cannot be seen. Rapids between the rocks (large flow of water, white froth). Branch of bright red maple leaves on background of blue sky and orange leaves out of focus(full screen). Maple Leaves pale green, yellow, orange and red (full screen, various shots). Green and ocher foliage (angles and various shots). Branch of orange maple leaves in the wind. Keywords: TREE,WATER,MOUNTAIN


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Digital Betacam
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