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Theme park of Universal Studios Hollywood. Warner Brothers production company studios. Signs and logos Universal Studios and Warner Bros.. Panorama of the City of Los Angeles, California. TILT UP water fountain, Universal Studios sign, Hollywood. Water fountain and sign at the entrance of Universal Studios. "Universal Studios Hollywood sign and water fountain. Huge globe on which appears the inscription "Universal Studios", located at the entrance to the film production company''s amusement park (the globe is the logo of Universal Studios). TILT UP water fountain, CPL huge globe used for both the logo and sign for Universal Studios Hollywood. A boutique of the theme park Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. Pedestrians (tourists) on the commercial street in the amusement park Universial Studios Hollywood. Set of the film King Kong (1933 version) in the amusement park Universal Studios Hollywood. Poster "WB, Gate 2" (logo of the production studios Warner Brothers or Warner Bros.). Vehicular traffic to the studios of the film production company Warner Bros.. Vehicular traffic in front of a Warner Brothers studio, a huge painting shows the famous cartoon characters. Fresco inspired by Mount Rushmore National Memorial on which the heads of U.S. presidents have been replaced by those of Bugs Bunny, Fred Flintstone and Batman TILT UP Warner Bros. logo. Fresco of Bugs Bunny, Fred Flintstone, Batman, Scooby-Doo and Superman, Warner Bros. Studios logo. Logo Warner Bros. Studios. Panoramic views of the city of Los Angeles, California. Heavy traffic on a freeway in Los Angeles. "HOLLYWOOD" sign on Mount Lee, Los Angeles (letters, sign, sign). Heavy traffic on a freeway in Los Angeles. Keywords: CALIFORNIA,FILM,UNITED STATES,CARTOON,HOLLYWOOD,LOS ANGELES,MOUNTAIN,THEME PARK,PORN,ACRONYM AND LOGO,TOURISM


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