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The Dolphin Connection at Hawk''s Cay Resort, Duck Key, Florida. Observation of dolphins in captivity. A trainer signals the dolphin that jumps out of the water (Dolphin Connection, Hawk''s Cay Resort, Duck Key, Florida). Another trainer signals a dolphin; it moves forward holding itself vertically with its tail. Trainer''s hand as she reward the dolphin with fish. Two dolphins in captivity jump out of the water several times together. Series of trainers on the dock with dolphins in front of them. Trainer with four tourists in the water as they say goodbye and stroke the dolphin. The four tourists (two young couples in bathing suits) leave the dock. The trainers follow. A dolphin in captivity swims underwater in the pen (camera near the water''s surface). A dolphin looks at the camera (it''s head out of the water) another charges the camera. A Dolphin Connection employee kneels on the dock kisses the dolphin''s nose. Keywords: DOLPHIN,UNITED STATES,FLORIDA,TOURISM


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