STK-ID 59441

Police investigators (CMPS), some forensic investigators within the security perimeter on St-Jacques street in Old Montreal and within the Flawnego shop where the shooting took place. Investigators CMPS discussing inside the security perimeter, on St-Jacques street in Old Montreal. Police investigators in the clothing store Flawnego (seen through the window), one with a white coverall. Store front Flawnego,the lighting contrasts with the dark street. Vans cruisers CMPS in the front of the shop. Sign of the shop "Flawnego. Investigators in the shop, seen through the mannequins in the window. Two forensic investigators in white coveralls and black boots, heading towards the forensic identification van. Mannequins in the window of the shop. Inscription "Judicial Identification Section" on a van of the CMPS. Forensic investigator enters the trunk of the van and handles large brown bags. White van out of which comes a stretcher to be transported to the shop. Transportation of the body on the stretcher, from the shop to the van. Keywords: CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION,SHOOTING,MONTREAL (CITY),POLICE,OLD MONTREAL DISTRICT,CMPS


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