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Skin cancer operation (removal of melanoma on the foot of a patient) by the surgeon Edgard Nassif at the UMHC in Montreal Melanoma ready for surgery. Surgeons spread a special ointment on the foot of the patient. Edgard Nassif, surgeon. Melanoma circled in pen. The surgeon passes the sensor on the patient''s leg. The surgeon passes the sensor on the skin of the patient. Hands mark a cross on the skin. Medical apparatus with digital display. Anesthetized patient. A surgeon unfolds a blue surgical combination. Dropper. Plastic bag filled with transparent liquid. The surgeon''s hands daub the foot and leg with a small stick. Physicians covering the young woman with a special blue cloth. Kit of scalpels and surgical equipment. The doctors operate and open the skin with a scalpel and lancet to remove the melanoma. Keywords: SKIN CANCER,SURGERY,UMHC,MONTREAL (CITY)


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