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The officers of the municipal police of Trois-Rivières and the Sûreté du Québec conduct identity checks and searches of a biker gang of the Hell's Angels. Police patrol car precedes a group of bikers on their motorcycles. Police control motorcycle traffic. Groups of Hell's Angels on their bikes, they are shot by a policeman of the Sûreté du Québec. Hell's Angels bikers. Two bikers (only one bears the crest of the Hell's Angels) search the trunk of a car. Hell's Angels biker (quite corpulent), policeman. Biker with small "Sherbrooke " badge on the front of his jacket. Policeman talking to a Hell's Angels biker. Jacket of a Hell's Angels from Geneva, Switzerland. Hell's Angels Switzerland (Geneva crest). Two Hell's Angels Quebec (seen from behind), municipal police officers from the Trois Rivières and SQ. Groups of bikers parked in the street, cruisers with rotating lights. Biker and man in a suit discuss, group of bikers. Police car (truck) rotating lights on, biker gang stopped on the side of the street, police walk among them, taking notes and filming them. Hell's Angels Quebec seen from behind. Hell's Angels (badges prominently). A Hell's Angels member in a convertible car that was stopped by the police (he hides his face subtly). Police approach the vehicle car and ask him to get out of the car, he follows and talks with them (he wears the number 81 on his gray jacket). Bikers riding on a boulevard. Biker No 81 is searched by a policeman, he makes him get into the police car. Biker. Bikers next to their motorcycles. Hell's Angels bikers. Policeman checks the identity of the bikers. Patrol car, bikers and policeman watching their motorcycles. Keywords: ARREST,PATROL CAR,HELL'S ANGELS,BIKER,TROIS-RIVIERES


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