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Documentary on the city of Halifax, on the history of the city from its foundation until today. The narrator emphasizes the important role of the port of Halifax during the Second World War. Halifax in 1939: Trams operating on a commercial street, a military parade; soldiers boarding for England, the boat leaves (dust spots in the image, but very good quality archive footage). Civilian and military ships sail into the port and the Bedford Basin. Advertising banners on Victory Bonds (on a tram, billboard). Group of children waiting in the street to sell old aluminum pots. Churchill''s visit to Halifax in 1943: walking in the street, in profile, he smokes a cigar on the deck (not easily identifiable). (color and black and white) Warships in the harbor of Halifax. Juliana of Holland and her family land at the port of Halifax, CU Profile Queen Juliana of Holland. Survivors of torpedoed ships being welcomed; German prisoners being escorted. Ships from different countries moored at the port (identification on the sides of ships). Several boats anchored in the harbor. Burning ship in the port of Halifax. Another arrives and remains afloat despite a gaping hole in the hull; sailors abandon ship to jump into a lifeboat; ship very messed up; a stranded ship in port, one of the sides in the water. Keywords: DEFENSE,HALIFAX,HISTORY,MONARCHY,NOVA SCOTIA,PORT


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