STK-ID 59730

Landscapes, winter scenes, mountains, trees, river. Shooting location: Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. Yellow sunset in a red sky pine branches against the light in the foreground. Patches of ice and snow on the water between the swirls (black water) (full screen, filters, effects). Shadow of tree branches on the snow glistening in the sun (full screen). Pine branch in front of a river with snow (sheet of ice on the water, change of focus). Meandering creek between banks lined with snow (filters). Pine branches and slabs of ice on the river surrounded by snow. Patches of ice and snow on the water. Stream, sheet of ice on the shore, water glistening in the sun. Panoramic view of a river between the mountains. Thin tree branch covered in snow in foreground, snow-capped mountains and trees (change of focus, filters). Half-moon on blue sky background. Snowy pine branch, half-moon, sky blue. Ice on pine branch, blue sky. Tree completely covered with snow, very blue sky. River deep in the mountains and trees covered with snow in the foreground. Branches covered in snow (full screen). Mountains partially covered with snow. River deep in the mountains, mist and trees partially snowy foreground. Keywords: TREE,WATER,MOUNTAIN


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Digital Bétacam
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Digital Betacam
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720 x 486