STK-ID 59737

Landscapes, forest, river, flowers, waterfalls. Shooting location: Mauricie Park, Quebec. Water drops on a green leaf (sound of flowing water). Creek lined with trees and green foliage, water flowing between the rocks, tree and bird in flight in the foreground. Creek surrounded by green foliage, rocky bottom, a small waterfall. Droplets of water on long, narrow leaves (grass). Brook and waterfall near a rock, soft green leafy trees in the background. Church steeples against the light. Church and convent on the banks of the river against the light orange sky Lake, mountain, sky overcast. Trail in the woods (bird songs). Tree branch, cascading off-focus in the background. Water flowing over a rock, pool and waterfall between rocks, trees on the banks (view from a bridge over the river). Waterfall, swirls on a rock, pool, banks lined with trees and foliage. Cascade from the top, swirls, rocks Stumps and large roots of trees in the woods. Stump and roots of trees (green moss on the stump). Lake surrounded by pine, dead tree in water. Reflections of trees on the surface of water (full screen). Several dead trees standing in water at the edge of the forest. Meandering river deep in the mountains, sky overcast panoramic view). Coniferous forest, overhead view (full screen, light shade). Roots of dead trees on the shore of a lake. Reflection of tops of fir trees on the surface of the water (very quiet) (full screen). White moss on a dead tree trunk. Dead tree trunk in the water of a lake. Small lake in the forest, dead trees in water. Small river meandering along the forest Keywords: WATER,FLOWER,FOREST,MOUNTAIN,BIRD


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