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Various shots of Lake Havasu, the Colorado River, Hoover Dam and its reservoir, Lake Mead, and the desert in Arizona, USA. Visual also of plant located at the foot of the dam and numerous power lines connected to it. Background - Lack of drinking water in Las Vegas New residential area in Lake Havasu City. Slow passage of a long freight train that travels through the Mojave Desert, at the foot of the mountains, California: another train is coming in the opposite direction. Train wheels on track. Traffic on a commercial street of the small town of Boulder City; motel signs. Sprinkler system on the grounds of the El Rancho Boulder Motel. Lake Mead Boulder City homes in the foreground. Lake Mead (which is actually a reservoir on the Colorado River). Bird with red head and black and gray body sings on a branch. Arid land juts into Lake Mead. Walkers in a park where desert plants grow. Metal structure juts above the lake ZOOM OUT lake with a few boats. Lake Mead surrounded by desert mountains, flowing traffic on a freeway in the foreground. Colorado River flowing between the mountains; obvious signs of calcification on the banks. Retaining Wall above the water level. Hoover Dam on which cars travel. Pylons and power lines in the vicinity of the dam. Traces of calcification on the banks of the River. Hoover Dam seen from the side of the tank, towards Power Plant, power lines and Colorado River continues its course at the foot of the dam. Vortex created by the arrival of water from the dam gates. Hoover Dam reservoir on the Colorado River. Power Plant at the foot of the dam PAN river continues its course. Many towers on the rocky and arid lands bordering the River. Power plant at the foot of the dam. Imposing dam that creates a wall. Islands of dry land on Lake Mead. Marina on Lake Mead. Mountains and surrounding landscape, lake and marina. Keywords: ARIZONA,DAM,POWER PLANT,WATER,DESERT,UNITED STATES,POWER LINE


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