STK-ID 59799

General visual of the city of Kabul in Afghanistan, houses built on the hillside, traffic, pedestrians, a market and the Kabul River that flows into a trickle. A convoy of Humvee military vehicles of the U.S. Army (seen from front and back). Flow of traffic on the busy street, mountains in the smog. Automobiles, taxis (yellow) and the U.S. Army Humvee pass under the camera, fluid movement. (Camera near the ground) Fluid traffic. Generator in function. Fluid circulation; many cars passing, yellow cab. Front of a welding shop with sign; welder at work. Building and residential houses on the hill in background. Vendors installed on the bridge across the Kabul River, some people walking on the very dirty banks of the almost dry river. Bridge on the River. bed of the nearly dry river. Tents on the banks of the river and people who have installed a kind of stove (they access the road by a ladder leaning against the retaining wall). Comings and goings of pedestrian, mostly men but sometimes women veiled and semi-veiled. Houses in the desert hill TILT DOWN many pedestrians in a commercial area. Two soldiers walk at a brisk pace among the pedestrians. Pedestrians. Traders and pedestrians along a busy street, some are taking a narrow bridge over the River. Cloth seller awaits guests, sitting on the parapet of the bridge, beside his few rolls of fabric. Personal effects and accumulated waste on the banks of the dried river Kabul. Traders settled along the busy street, dirty banks. River which is a thin stream and mountain desert. Market, PAN to the river. Waste on the banks of the River. River and its banks covered with waste. Market Place; back and forth across the bridge where street vendors are installed. Display of colorful clothes for children, a veiled woman and her children shopping for clothes. Keywords: AFGHANISTAN,TRAFFIC,WATER,KABUL,PUBLIC MARKET,PEDESTRIAN,AIR POLLUTION,WATER POLLUTION


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