STK-ID 59803

Street scenes in the city of Tehran, Iran. We see people at the market, traders and thousands of young people who try to have a Western look. Context - Portrait of Iran Rather dense comings and goings in a market place, a lady puts on her chador quickly as she sees the camera. People shopping in various shops selling clothing and nuts; many women are made up and wear light scarves, sometimes partially (half on the head only). Salesmen and customers in a store selling nuts and candy. Traveling flute salesman plays a tune. Pedestrians rather dense. Pedestrians rather dense on the sidewalk and then in a small covered market. Nut vendors at work in their small shop. Ladies look at carpets in a shop. Pedestrians on the street and in the small covered market. People buy and drink refreshments at a kiosk. Pedestrian density; cameraman focuses on young people, ideally who look "modern"; men with sunglasses, popular hairstyles, girls with makeup, wearing partial scarves. Young people looking fashionable on a commercial street; CU cell phone in the hand of a young person. Hand counting money (bills). Panoramic view of the city of Tehran, view from a hill. Office buildings. Properties under constrution. Keywords: VEILED WOMAN,IRAN,YOUTH,FASHION,PEDESTRIAN,TEHRAN


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