STK-ID 59806

Unloading of refueling equipment at the PSS3 observation post located three miles from Sperwan Ghar in the Kandahar region of Afghanistan. Canadian soldiers standing guard in the observation tower. Explosion near PSS3. Convoy of military vehicles to Sperwan Ghar with explosions of bombs on the road. Background - Work of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan Canadian soldier with binoculars stands guard in the tower observation post near PSS3 Sperwan Ghar, Kandahar, Afghanistan. Armored car with soft tires parked facing the SSP-3 barbed wire in front - Soldier seen watching through binoculars arms resting on sandbags. PSS 3 seen through a barbed wire fence. Unloading equipment supplies found in a truck, they are passed from man to man. Two soldiers (one with binoculars) in the watchtower, piles of sandbags. Anonymous soldier looking through binoculars (view three quarters). Pile of bullets (ammunition) next to an explosion, white smoke rising from the ground. A bearded soldier says "the insurgents want us dead". Soldiers emerge from a container with graffiti. BACKLIGHT soldier seen from behind in the process of scanning the horizon, machine gun beside him. Soldier back scanning the horizon, focus with fields in the background, bag of Lays potato chips near the soldier. PSS3 observation tower seen from another tower, soldiers move downwards. Ide.jpgiable soldier looking into the sights of a gun resting on sandbags. Closure of the ramp at the rear of the armored vehicle (inside view). Convoy of Canadian military vehicles and the ANA (Afghan National Army) stopped on the sandy road. Black smoke from an explosion (no noise) of a bomb by deminers (convoy stopped at the front). Narrow road bordered by a wall of mud (convoy moving towards Sperwan Ghar, view from a tank). Keywords: AFGHANISTAN,ASIA,MILITARY BASE,CANADA,CANADIAN ARMED FORCES,MILITARY INTERVENTION


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