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Gay pride parade as part of Montreal's Divers-Cité Festival (Montreal). Crowd of spectators on Boulevard Rene-Levesque Est. Transvestite dancing in the street ZOOM OUT. Crowd of spectators. Mado and Simone in a convertible. Banner (Poster) "Yes, I got it! Civil marriage a choice, a right" held by a gay couple. Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay. ZOOM OUT Gérald Tremblay and his wife and his team (they are part of the parade). Participants in the parade. Spectators. Musicians on a parade float. Groups of dancers on the floats. Drag queens. Participants in the parade. Float completely white with dancers dressed in white and a giant screen. Poster "Community Center of gays and lesbians of Montreal" (Logo CCGLM) ZOOM OUT Gay activists (many hold pro-homosexual signs). Participants with various placards containing questions from students about gays. Float. Banner "1st World Outgames Montreal 2006". Float of the Outgames with groups of dancers. Groups of dancers. Keywords: RENE-LEVESQUE BOULEVARD,CANADA,DANSE,PARADE,GAY PRIDE PARADE,FESTIVAL,MONTREAL DIVER/CITY FESTIVAL,HOMOSEXUALITY,MONTREAL (CITY),NIGHT,WORLD OUTGAMES MONTREAL 2006,QUEBEC ,ACRONYM AND LOGO,TRANSSEXUALITY


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