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Excerpts from the gay pride parade, on René-Lévesque, Montreal. Parade with people dressed (sometimes with extravagant costumes) and floats, on René-Lévesque; music. Two spectators. Young families with same-sex parents march with their children. The bare buttocks of two men wearing "chaps" (leggings). Parade. Thomas Mulcair, who walks in the parade. Ann Lagacé-Dawson, along with Thomas Mulcair. Steve Foster, CEO of the Quebec Council of gays and lesbians. Drag queens in extravagant costumes. Two men belonging to an association of people with HIV, wearing pink t-shirts, walking in the parade. Diane Charlebois, CSQ, sitting on a moving vehicle. Some drag queens. Float bearing the image of "Cirque de Mado", with several drag queens on the vehicle. A float with young muscular men dancing nearly naked to techno music. Keywords: GAY PRIDE PARADE,MONTREAL (CITY)


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