STK-ID 59819

Cruise ships "Maasdam", "AIDAluna" and "Silver Whisper" anchored at the port of Montreal. Visitors on the dock of the cruise ship "Maasdam" docked in the Old Port of Montreal. Boat "Maasdam"; ide.jpgication "Maasdam" on the ship''s hull. Stern of the cruise ship "AIDAluna" and boat anchored at the dock. Small boat on the water, bow of the ship "Silver Whisper". Ship "Aida" at the dock, people on the dock taking photos of the boat. Chimneys of the ship "Aida" , ripples of heat. Ide.jpgication "Aida" at the top of the boat. Ide.jpgication "AIDAluna" on the hull". Ship "Silver Whisper" at the dock; ide.jpgication "Silver Whisper" on the hull. A crew member takes a rope downwards through an opening in the boat "AIDAluna". Passengers at tables inside the boat. Crew member climbs the stairs of the "Silver Whisper". Boats at the dock, passengers on a boat, decorative balloons (brief). "Whisper" sign "Farine Five Roses" on a building in the background. Ide.jpgication "Silversea" at the top of the vessel; PG "Silver Whisper" boat Keywords: BOAT,MONTREAL (CITY),PORT OF MONTREAL,OLD PORT OF MONTREAL


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