STK-ID 59821

Boat traffic on the St. Lawrence River Freighter in the lock of St. Catherine; black smoke escapes from the chimney of the ship. Boat moving slowly in the lock; waves at the stern. Locks of St. Catherine. Environmental mergency truck in the parking lot. Boat arrives at the exit of the lock. Truck "Community Emergency Response Unit" and volunteer fire truck in the parking lot. Drawbridge in motion, used on the wharf. Sûreté du Québec (SQ) with life jackets, standing in a boat. Lock and commercial vessel. Environment Emergency-Quebec employee in a van. Ducks on the surface of the water. Cargo ship moving slowly in the lock. Sailor on his yacht. Small boat on the water, cleaning attendants on board. Men on the platform of the boat. Dock, the ship moves slowly into the lock, the Coast Guard officer (back) observes the operation. Keywords: BOAT,FREIGHTER,LOCK,ENVIRONMENT,STE.CATHERINE,SQ


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