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Tanker trucks along the bulk carrier M / V Richelieu pumping oil from the freighter that ran aground near the Ste.Catherine lock. Bulk carrier M / V Richelieu Canada Steamship Lines moored near the St. Catherine lock. Tanker truck on the dock. Merchant ship moored waiting for the maritime traffic to resume. Barrage floating around the bulk carrier. Oil floating on the water in the sea of St. Lawrence. Bulk carrier. Traces of oil floating on the water. Freighter, PAN tanker which pumps the fuel. Environment Canada employees or Coast Guard who keep the water from a dock. Tankers along the freighter. A diver in a metal cage which is then lowered along the ship's hull to inspect and seal the leak. A duck swimming on the sea of St. Lawrence near the ship. Keywords: MARITIME ACCIDENT,FREIGHTER,OIL SPILL,STE.CATHERINE,ST. LAWRENCE SEAWAY


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