STK-ID 59841

Very nice visual of channels and bridges in Amsterdam (GE) in the Netherlands with riverboat and small boats on the water, circulation around and the presence of cyclists and pedestrians. Background: Europe - the new face of terrorism. Street in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Western Europe), with traffic (cars, trams), cyclists and pedestrians. Canal and small bridge, sign with the inscription "Molenslootbrug" on the railing of the bridge. Street around the canal with traffic and cyclists. Bridge over the canal with pedestrians who walk on deck, view of the canal bridge with string of small boats moored along the canal, pedestrians walking on a bridge, white swans on the water. Traffic along the canal with cars, trams, cyclists and pedestrians. Canal lined with houses, with small terrace restaurant, canal (passage of a police boat on the canal) and surrounding area with the bridge and many pedestrians, a church with bells ringing. Large public square with the passage of trams and cars and for pedestrians and strollers. Canal (passage of a river boat on the water, small houseboats moored on the edge) and its surroundings (buildings). Small family on a boat docked along the canal. Keywords: AMSTERDAM,TRAFFIC,CYCLING,WESTERN EUROPE,NETHERLANDS,PEDESTRIAN


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