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Scenes of everyday life in the village of Nanesti in the region of Moldavia in Romania. A bell ringer rings the bell. A man cutting a log with a hand saw. Old woman and child on a path. Background - The consequences of emigration in Romania Old man with hat walking through the cemetery in Romania Nanesti (tombstones in the foreground). The man climbs a ladder to the bell tower ZOOM OUT Belltower. Bellringer at work (PS church bells, chimes). Two bells hung from a wooden ceiling. The bell ringer hits two iron bars with small hammers. Older man with hat in the process of sawing a log with a hand saw (PS saw, manual sawing wood). Headstone crosshair partially illuminated by the sun TILT UP stones and crosses. Headstone with dates of birth and death of two people (one is still alive). An elderly woman walking on the street with a cane TILT DOWN CU feet walking on gravel (little snow on the ground). Old woman walking in front of a sun low on horizon. Back view of an old woman going off on a lonely path. Two boys playing with a sled on the icy road, they wear rubber boots. Keywords: CHIME,BELL TOWER,CHILD,EASTERN EUROPE,WOMAN,OLD PERSON,ROMANIA


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