STK-ID 59868

Bottles of dietary supplements that contain illicit and illegal substances, including anabolic steroids: Turabol, Metabolism, stanols, Primobolan, MT1 Plex. Aesthetic shots of tablets, pills and corks with child-resistant safety seal of inscription. BACKGROUND: Investigation of illegal food supplements available over the counter in Quebec. Containers of supplements containing illicit and illegal food substances including anabolic steroids on a reflective surface (you can see their reflection) and framed obliquely. Turabol, Metabol and M1T Plex containers. Metabol Ether (PROMATRIX). Label on a container of Turabol Chloro (PROMATRIX), with some pills in the background. Label on a container of Stanol (PROMATRIX). Label on a container of Provanol (PROMATRIX). Container of M1T Plex. Variety of pills and containers on their sides and inscriptions on bottle caps ("Align arrows and life"). Stopper on which reads the safety warnings. Variety of pills and containers, on their side. Keywords: CONTAINER AND WRAPPING,DRUG,MEDICATION,ACRONYM AND LOGO


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