STK-ID 59884

Deer carcasses in the back of trucks and hunters registering their catch at a wildlife recording station of Quebec within the premises of the "Boucherine Lamontagne" Omerville located in the Eastern Townships. Butchering game. Background: Cooking game. Gutted carcass of a deer in the back of a truck. Hunter installing a label on the antlers of deer. Gutted deer carcasses in trailers and truck boxes and butcher installing labels on antlers. Deer carcass hanging from a hook. A butcher and a man leaving a deer carcass in a trailer, carrying and depositing it on a scale. Butcher weighing deer. A butcher and a man depositing the carcass on a table. Butcher cut the deer antlers with a saw. Butcher decapitating deer with a knife (blurred images at one time). Carcasses hanging from hooks in a cold store. Deer carcass on the table hoisted on a hook and enter the cold store. Sign bearing the inscription "Red Deer". Poster with the inscription "My Record - Big Game". Blue sign with the inscription "Registration Station for wildlife". Carcass of a deer mounted on the roof of a van. Facade beef with sign "My butcher". Butcher at meat counter. Hunters queuing at a counter, registering and recording wildlife in Quebec at the local butcher. Keywords: BUTCHER SHOP,HUNTING,DEER,QUEBEC


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