STK-ID 59885

Wildlife Officer of the Department of Natural Resources of Quebec makes a search in the forest with his police dog, a black Labrador. They look for signs of poaching in the forest of the Outaouais region. The dog and handler find a gun and a dead deer. Wildlife officer looks for evidence of poaching in the forest with his pure bred Labrador dog, the dog and handler wear a bright orange vest. The Master congratulates his dog who found a gun hidden in the bushes. Gun in the bushes. Agent takes the gun. He throws a toy to the dog as a reward. TRAV (camera near the ground) Brush in the forest tracks are sought in poaching. Wildlife officer walking in the forest with a colleague in all-terrain vehicle. Tree leaves (Leafy) in the sun. Branch of coniferous tree (pine). Spider web with debris. Bark of a tree (birch). Master congratulates his dog for having found a dead deer hidden under branches. The officer removes the deer branches. Deer. Deer suspended in a hollow in a hunting camp. Truck of the wildlife agent arrives in camp, the officer comes out. Keywords: POACHING,POLICE DOG,OUTAOUAIS,WILDLIFE PROTECTION,MINISTRY - NATURAL RESOURCES AND WILDLIFE


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