STK-ID 59934

Thermablade heated blades manufacturing at the IPL factory of Saint-Damien-de-Buckland, Quebec. Manufacture of molded plastic skate blades IPL at the factory of Saint-Damien-de-Buckland (Chaudière-Appalaches). Employee who brings back bare blades in a machine and then remove blades with plastic molding (multiple takes). Hands of the employee who cuts a plastic rod with pliers (multiple takes). Hands of the employee who cuts a piece of plastic with a knife (multiple takes). A robot ABB brand cutter up on a treadmill. Hands of an employee: the blade holder in one hand and microprocessor or battery? in the other. An employee installs the microprocessor in the cavity of the blade holder. Hands that set up the blade on the blade holder, using a screwdriver. Row of three employees on the Thermablade heated blades assembly line. Hands that install the blade on the blade holder with a mallet. Hands of an employee who screwes the blade, we see the empty cavity of the blade holder. An employee cleans the blade and heating inspection (quality control). Hands of an employee who poses stickers on the cutter. Facial profile of the employee. Hands that are packaging the blades in a box. He sticks a sticker "280-9" on the box. Box of heated blades Therma Blade (reflection on the box). Installation of an electronic circuit in a recharging base for heated blades. Keywords: CHAUDIERE-APPALACHES,HOCKEY,MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY,IPL,SKATING,QUEBEC


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