STK-ID 59936

Inside of "Plastiques Cascades" plant : production line of various containers made of polystyrene foam and Bioxo foam. Interview with Patrice Clerc, director of market development of the company. White polystyrene out of a machine and cooled by fans. Roll of red polystyrene winding at the end of a machine. Employee cutting a strip of red polystyrene on a machine. Employee carrying a roll of red foam with a pallet. Warehouse with rolls of polystyrene of different colors stacked on the floor. Manufacturing machine of white polystyrene containers. White polystyrene containers coming out of a machine. Manufacturing machine of red polystyrene containers. Red polystyrene containers out of a machine. Employee installing a roll of white polystyrene at the end of a machine for manufacturing containers. Manufacturing machine of blue polystyrene containers. Manufacturing machine of Bioxo polystyrene containers. Bioxo polystyrene containers coming out of machine. Employees picking and packing polystyrene containers of different colors coming out of manufacturing machine. Roll Stickers "Bioxo". Manufacturing machine of white meat blotters. White polystyrene trays out of a machine. Scroll bearing the inscription "White meat blotter rolls" and manufacturing machine in the background. Warehouse with pallets of different Styrofoam containers packed. Keywords: CONTAINER AND WRAPPING,QUEBEC (CITY),RECYCLING,FACTORY


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