STK-ID 59937

Visual of various green fuels (CU) in their natural form and then processed into granules, wheat, sugarcane, switchgrass, sugar beet fiber, sugar beet, corn, corn fiber (malt), oat granules, orange peel, wood bark, wood pellets of paper and non-recyclable cardboard. We also see a big pellet furnace designed at Dell-Point Technologies based in Boisbriand and bagging of granules in the manufacturing of bio-fuel. Fingers taking granules of various bio-fuels in small containers and present them to the camera: wheat, sugarcane, switchgrass, sugar beets, sugar beet fiber, corn grain, corn fiber, granules of corn fiber. Containers of pellets, grains and fiber (dregs) of corn in order to explain the transformation of grain into granule. Oatmeal TILT UP container of granules of oats. Orange peel TILT UP containers of granules of orange peel (with and without the hand of the man who is showing them). Wood bark and pellet of wood bark in a pot. Wood pellets in a hand. Pieces of non-recyclable paper, paper granules (with hand of man). PAN pieces of cardboard of granule cardboard (with hand of man). Pieces of paper and cardboard on a table. Pieces of residue in one hand. Fingers drop ashes in a pot. Various granules in containers. Ide.jpgication "Dell-Point Technologies" on an operating furnace of bio-fuels pellets. Parts of the furnace, the burner on and a dial. Hand mixes the granules contained in a large bag. Man closes the bag of pellets. Man opens a valve to allow the flow of the granules; They slip into a hallway, head towards the camera and fall into a packaging bag. Some bags ready for shipping in the plant. Keywords: BOISBRIAND,HEATING,PACKING,NEW ENERGY,FACTORY


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