STK-ID 59938

Chinese workers working in a manufacturing factory of plastic pieces in Shanghai, China (company not ide.jpgied). Chinese worker working on a window frame with a screwdriver in a factory in Shanghai, China (unide.jpgied company). Anonymous employees in the process of unpacking a window frame, they settle it on a table. The workers put a window in the frame, they scratch with a knife and clean with a liquid. Employee head down looking at his work TILT her hands scratching the glass with a knife. Anonymous hands of another employee who cleans the glass with a cloth and liquid. An employee sitting next to a machine doing indeterminate work, she looks at the camera. Large room where many identical machines with an employee at each. Group of employees (women and men) around a table putting together pieces of plastic. Hands of an employee who manufactures white plastic parts. Employee with eyes downcast to his work. Pile of plastic pieces on the table which employees are dipping. TILT UP PM male employee at work. Keywords: ASIA,CHINA,CHINESE,WOMAN,PLASTIC,SHANGHAI,WORKER,FACTORY


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